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about property management

Property Management

Since our inception in 1976, RK Properties has always taken pride in our management philosophy. Through experience and commitment to innovation we have built a strong foundation of knowledge on how to manage a property efficiently. We believe that the quality of our assets coupled with our exceptional management provide the absolute best communities for our residents and foster a true sense of home.

RK Properties training philosophy is to give our staff the tools to succeed. We offer the ability for one on one and/or group training sessions, keeping our staff in the know and allowing a confident guide to manage, assist and lease with utmost proficiency. Our team enhances their skillsets with today’s leading programs, trainers, manuals and videos allowing for growth within our company.

As a compliment to the onsite staff, RK Properties’ Marketing Department offers an in-house service that is dedicated to each of our properties providing “out of the box” enhancements and solutions. With devotion to ensuring our properties stay in touch with today’s renter and resident preferences that are ever changing demands of the marketplace. Utilizing a number of today’s top ILS, SEO resources and PPC campaigns we are able to generate more traffic and optimize our rents to continue to stay abreast with current market trends. We are here to serve and support our communities and all of our residents.

Property Management Team