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Rance King Properties Inc. has been exclusively in multifamily property investments since 1976. We are a national company with current and previously owned properties acquired throughout the United States. During our lengthy history we have purchased over 163 properties that at today’s value would be in excess of 3 Billion, more than 147 of those properties have gone full cycle. We have served over 7,000 investors in the last 45 years since our inception. Our current portfolio has a current market value of over $1B. The skills and experience of RK professionals have combined to produce a consistent, successful record of performance in apartment investing. We utilize a conservative underwriting model and lower leverage financing strategies that has allowed us to prosper throughout many business cycles.


Rance King Properties Inc 1976
Rance King Securities Corporation 1984
Long Beach Developers, Inc. 1981
Southern California Mortgage Corporation 1995