Having exclusively been in the apartment investment business since 1976, RK Properties finds itself without many peers. The key to our success was that we created a specialized market niche and filled it well for decades.

When I first started buying apartment buildings, in the mid-70s, friends and business associates who saw the rewards often said, "Next time, please count me in." Today, I am still working with the same philosophy and many of the same supporters. I look for something special where I know we can add value and own a property worthy of both pride and profit. By now, our investor base has grown to more than 7,000 clients.

We celebrate over 40 years in the business, an accomplishment very few in our industry can boast. Navigating good times and bad and always keeping our eye on the ball. Today we are as excited about the future as we have ever been and of course that success can be attributed in large part to the wonderful people that make up RK Properties, we have two that recently passed the 30 year mark with our firm, which I think says a lot about who we are.

In the multi-family arena of real estate, you can be assured that RK Properties will continue to lead the way in providing viable investment opportunities for a long time to come.

Very truly yours,

William Rance King, Jr.