Rance King Properties Inc dba RK Properties is a Delaware corporation that has specialized in multifamily investments since 1976. Rance King Securities Corporation is a California corporation that was formed in 1984 and acts as the placement agent for investment products sponsored by RK Properties. Both RK Properties and Rance King Securities Corporation are owned by William Rance King, Jr., who is both a registered FINRA Principal and a multi-state licensed real estate broker.


We believe real economic profit and preservation of capital are the primary reasons for investing in real estate. This has been our philosophy since our founding and will continue to be our principal investment objective.

The skills and experience of our professionals have combined to produce a consistent, successful record of performance in apartment investing. Since 1976, RK has sponsored over 150 investment programs valued in excess of $1 billion. More than 135 of the programs have gone full cycle. The returns demonstrate consistent management performance - a matter of pride for the company. RK is proud that a majority of investors have multiple investments with us and reinvest in our program when properties are sold.

Although RK has a proven track record in providing the potential for a substantial return on your investment, prior performance is just one factor to be considered when making an investment, and investors should recognize that past performance is no guarantee of future results.


Rance King Properties Inc 1976
Rance King Securities Corporation 1984
Long Beach Developers, Inc. 1981
Southern California Mortgage Corporation 1995